// espacio islandia

Espacio Islandia is a nomadic project dedicated to interdisciplinary artistic processes and encounters.

Espacio Islandia was born in Madrid in the summer of 2011, at number 67 in Palma street, urban axis between Conde Duque Cultural Center and the Museum of History of Madrid.

For two years, Espacio Islandia physical venue was a meeting place for critical thinking and experimentation, a micro-factory focused on production and display of artistic, performative and audiovisual medias. Various projects were promoted such as concerts , performances , workshops and exhibitions. After closing its doors in early 2013, Espacio Islandia decides to reinvent itself and become nomadic, relying on what is probably the line of action that most identity has provided to the project, the ” microResidencies“.

Our project is in permanent “reconstruction”, in constant search for a redefinition of its short and long term objectives, and so from practice, through exchange with other cultural of national and international artistic institutions.

Events produced by Espacio Islandia are always free and opened to all audiences.