microResidency#16 Jimena Kato

Jimena Kato Murakami, June the 28th 2013, 7 to 9pm.

Jimena Kato Murakami, Japanese-Peruvian performance and visual artist developed her action on June the 28th 2012 at Espacio Islandia, Madrid. The title of this action (Every breath you take / from me, makes me gain space) explains the intention of this breathing-creating process in progress: As she inflates a black balloon, she gains space inside her through cleaning and makes space around her building a big black mirror bubble. The balloon diameter (1 meter) is gained through a long and hard process of air pressure. As it grows, the space reflection on it was even more real, creating by this means a sensational, ephemeral, durational and artificial image of mirrored reality, connected and collective breathing and gazing.

Even for inflation her rhythm of breathing was natural, the artist needed to fight against her own physiological limitations, resist the weight during one hour and focus to retain energy until the final and explosive moment. This explosion generated an amazing void, a gap in time extended to surrounding streets, as the space of the gallery worked as a big amplifier.

Two euros were used to buy the black balloon. Two hours were used to warm up and focus, put on her white nightshirt, inflating until the explosion, and then breathing normally, put on her clothes again and share with audience a relaxed debate about the experience.

microResidencia#16 Jimena Kato

“Every breath you take (from me, makes me gain space)” - duration variable

Running, walking, jumping, forwards, backwards, going up, going down, pause.

I stand still and breath.

To breath, a question of existence, resistance,

making space, volume,

a question of land.

Breathing, a vital gesture, minimal, primary, with each exhalation a deliverance, a renounce. Inhale and start once again.

microResidencia#16 Jimena Kato

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