microResidence#17 Colectivo TR3HOLD

Colectivo TR3HOLD, Saturday 22 Dec 19:00 – 21:00

Scanning Playtime CLUB takes place as an audiovisual installation for the duration of the microResidence.

Name/s of participant: Colectivo TR3HOLD (www.thr3hold.com)

Name of the proyect: Scanning Playtime CLUB

Brief description of the proposal: Scanning Playtime is the result of a “machine” built from the hybridization of a TFT screen, an office scanner, a laptop and a projector. The loop capture and image processing scanner generate forms and chromatic distortions of the source material.

The digital-to-analog-digital conversion of the picture and audio in realtime produces a total abstraction of the audience, that sometimes finds recognizable figurative pieces.

Destination of the 2€ grant: Beer.

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