microResidency#65 Tang Weiying

“Temperatures”, by Tang Weiying. 4 Faces microResidencies Exhibition at Four-Face Space Art Center. Luodai, Chengdu.

Saturday 5th July 2014. 3-5 pm.

Tang Weiying’s microResidency was carried out in parallel with other two microResidencies. It’s part of the Project 4 Faces microResidencies Exhibition, which took place at Four-Face Space Art Center of Luodai, Chengdu (China) from 4th to 6th July 2014.

Resulting artwork is part of an exhibition at the space quoted, that will be opened from 13th July to 26th August 2014


Proposal (text sent by the artist)*:

“Materials: 2 salvers, 5 color pallet, various color, painting brushes, 5 containers in different shapes and textures.

The whole process will be divided into 5 sections:

Section 1: Preparing (20 mins)

I will arrange the space, and prepare the chinas and painting colors.

When I finished preparing those materials, I will transcribe a section of apologizing video. (Use it in the last section).

Section 2: Creation (50 mins)

I will invite 5 audiences to make creation on the chinas with materials I provide, and tell them that their works will be remained to be displayed, and courage them while they do the creations, create the free atmosphere, let the process be totally observable, in order to increase 5 “artists’ ” passion.

Section 3: On show (15 mins)

Invite many audiences into the show, and communicate with 5 “artists” about 5 works of art, push the atmosphere higher.

After this section I will let 5 “artists” to leave in the excuse of “arranging the space”, tell them to turn back after 15 minutes.

Section 4: Broken

When 5 “artists” leave, artists will break all the chinas, let the fragments spread on the ground, shoot the moments of art works broken.

Section 5: Record the temperature of emotions (15 mins)

When 5 audiences back to the display space, what will be waiting is fragments on the ground, and the screen plays the process I break them. The reactions of 5 audiences may be sad, may be angry, may be peace, at this time camera will transcribe their reactions and expressions. After destruction video played, play the apologizing video. During all this I will hide in the corner and watch it happen, and then I will appear and explain all this to audiences face to face. And thank for their participations.

This scheme is for making people feel the passions and emotions when artists do their works, this temperature is not only in physics but also emotional, mentally. When those emotions, minds, thoughts to be broken, it won’t mean a thing to usual people, but a great shock to those people who spent time on it. Different attitudes to this mean different “temperatures” too. During this process will let people find the values of objects again. Otherwise, our thinking will not stop here, because people have various moods. My thought is to extrude the different feelings and attitudes about objects, in order to make more thinking about this.”

microresidencia#65 Tang Weiying from espacio islandia on Vimeo.

(Pictures: Carmen Soriano / Eric Yang / Miguel Guzmán)


4 Faces microResidencies Exhibition is a project organized by Espacio Islandia, Four-Face Space Art Center, teachers and students of the Fine Arts College of Sichuan University. It is supported by the Spanish Embassy in Beijing, Instituto Cervantes in Chongqing, Chengdu Longquanyi Distrit of C.P.C., Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau of Longquanyi District in Chengdu.


*Original text:


需要的材料:盆子两个。调色板5 个。各色颜料若干。画笔若干。

不同造型和质感的素器5 个。


阶段一:准备阶段(20 分钟)



阶段二:创作阶段(50 分钟)





阶段三:展出阶段(20 分钟)



支开,并告知他们15 分钟后回来。

阶段四:“毁灭”(15 分钟)



阶段五:记录情感的温度(15 分钟)















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