2016 December 15th 6 to 8pm at Sala de Arte Joven de la Comunidad de Madrid. 

microResidencia en la ventana

In this edition we use the window of this space as a substance to work with with a premise: not touching the glass. Esther Rodriguez will make the action stablishing dialogues through the  big window. During this year of research we have attempted to inhabit this space and the glass has joined and separated the intimate (us) and the public (you).

This action is part of Casa Abierta exhibition (November 2016 to January 2017) in which both Esther and Miguel Guzmán have been part of the pogramme for research in art and education called Programa Sin Creditos. On one hand Miguel as director of Espacio Islandia presents this microResidency as a conclusion of his participation, apart from the filmic portrait now screened at the Casa Abierta exhibition. On the other hand Esther is connecting this action with her research in urban drift and the travel agency project activated in the show. There is also a link with the filmic portrait where Miguel and Esther have already work on yet another cinematographical approach to the window as a vibrant element within this opened house concept.

This proposal represents a next step in Espacio Islandia project and its microResidencies, that has been reformulated this year by Miguel with his research partners at Programa Sin Creditos.There is also a connection with MAria Jerez workshop and the game of the Medium played both by Miguel and Esther and other mates and perhaps this game will be part of the microResidency and opened to audience.