Event Expoacciones Duracionales

Next saturday, 16th November, from 12 to 9pm we open at La Industrial (Madrid) the “EXPOACCIONES DURACIONALES” Project. Curated by Miguel Guzmán Pastor and managed in collaboration with Elena Martínez Benito (Co-director at La Industrial).

The project is developed in 4 months phases, starting with the event “DURATIONAL I” that includes a light/sound installation at 7pm. The soundscape has been created by Miguel Guzmán with music played with El Intruso and texts received from all the 20 artists who take part at the exhibition.

Come to Calle San Andrés, 8. Local. Madrid. /// Metro Tribunal · Noviciado /// Free entrance.


Alicia Moneva: http://www.aliciamoneva.com/

Marciano Buendía: http://www.marcianobuendia.com/

Rocío Plúas: http://www.rociopluas.com/

Miguel Ángel Moreno Carretero: http://miguelangelmorenocarretero.blogspot.com.es/

Gabriel Solera: http://www.gabrisolera.com/

Javier Chozas: http://www.javierchozas.com/

Minerva Losada: http://minervalosada.com/

Alba Soto: http://www.albasoto.com/

Estudio Crudo: http://estudiocrudo.com/

Norka Osorio: http://ideovisual.tumblr.com/

Esther Gatón: http://gatongaton.com/

Ana Belén Alonso (Abalon): http://www.abalonlivingart.com/

Yan Nazca + Lapieza Art Series: http://lapiezalapieza.blogspot.com.es/search/label/YAN%20NAZCA

Francisco Cuellar y Verónica Navarro: http://www.webfranciscocuellar.com/index.php?%2Fvideo%2Frafaga-la2%2F

Erick Miraval: http://hartamente.blogspot.com.es/

Juanjo Caro: http://yunquedepapel.blogspot.com.es/

Miguel Guzmán Pastor: http://ciervosytrompetas.com/

Pablo Esplá Alarcón

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