Love Triangle microResidencies

Espacio Islandia at Candyland Gallery, Stockholm. From 25th to 27th October 2013.

Love Triangle microResidencies at Candyland Gallery, Stockholm, 25th to 27th October 2013. A seven microResidencies project connecting artists living in Madrid, Berlin, Stockholm, and Göteborg. Curated by Miguel Guzmán Pastor in collaboration with Mattias Larsson (Candyland Gallery) and the Spanish Embassy in Stockholm.


V25, 5pm to 7pmJoakim Stampe (Water and Poverty) + Diego Agulló (How to act accordingly?) /  7pm  to 9pmPacoco Gil (Marks)

S26, 3pm to 5pmRoberto Equisoaín (Ahora) / 5pm to 7pmHeidi Edström (Chew on!) / 8pmTropical Birds Party en Södra.

D27, 3pm to 5pmFernando M. Romero (UN_FOLDING) / 5pm to 7pmMiguel Guzmán Pastor (public microSeminar)

+ Info at Candyland website, here.
The actions will be on Streaming and will be connected to artist’s studio Lab Vegapunk in Milano, where there will be a show of the actions made at The MTEARESIDENCY Project created at Miguel Guzman’s artist-in-residency at The Blank, Bergamo, Italy, in September 2013. This is the first time Lab Vegapunk will open its doors to audience, in a collaboration with Simona da Pozzo (Vegapunk), and Paola Tognon and Cristina Rota (The Blank). + Info here.

Mosaic LTM

Design: Miguel Guzmán Pastor

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