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Miguel Guzmán Pastor

Director and curator at Espacio Islandia project.

IG: @ciervosytrompetas

He started his artistic career in Rotterdam in 2001, after graduating from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, School of Architecture in 2000. Even he started organising art festivals at the architecture school, during his collaboration with Atelier van Lieshout on his AVL Free State he started to combine architecture and urban design, interdisciplinary art, and collaborative events.

Founder of experimental sound collective El Intruso (2001-), and TABLE architecture and design Office (1998-2006), combining architecture commissions with art direction works on TV, theatre and film productions and ARCO. His artworks and collaborative actions have been shown at spaces i.e.: The Place Theatre (London), Addaya (Mallorca), Galería Charpa (Valencia), Teatro Pradillo, La Casa Encendida, MNCARS, Las Naves del Español / Matadero and Espacio Menosuno (Madrid). Granted by AC/E Spain (2015), Spanish Ministry of Culture (2013), AECID (2010). Professor at Nebrija University (Architecture and Fine Arts Departments, Madrid 2013-).

Javier Doria

Collaborator at music production, podcast and events at Espacio Islandia.

http://javierdoria.es IG: @zanadoria

Claudia González

Collaborator at podcast, funcine, installations at Espacio Islandia

Art Historian and manager at Estudio Teresa Cuevas, LetArt, Cinezeta (Matadero Madrid), among other cultural projects.

Ivan M. Valencia

Web designer and filmmaker. Collaborator at recording events and production at Espacio Islandia (2011-2013)


Carmen Soriano

Creator of collective music video for “ternura y zarpazo” album at Espacio Islandia (2020). Co-curator, photography and video recording and editing at Espacio Islandia until 2017.

CM cofounder and member at Sabado communication agency IG: @somossabado

Bachelor of Media and Communications and Cultural Manager Expert, she has worked managing communication, press offices and social media of different cultural and artistic projects, such as the African Film Festival of Cordoba or Scarpia (days of artistic intervention in urban and rural), among others. Professional profile

 Esther Gatón

Artist. Co-creator of “Dibuja y Acciona” workshops togehter with Miguel Guzmán(2012)


Angela Segovia y Claudio Gaete

Poets. Co-creators of workshops“La acción de las palabras” / Chile de palabras I, II, III y IV (2012)

Elena Martínez Benito

Art Historian and manager at La Industrial (Madrid), where microResidencies and drawing workshops took place. Creates La Industrial Art department in collaboration with Miguel Guzmán.