microResidencia#37 C. Briegel + T. Chaloner

“Bureau of Exchange”. Las artistas escocesas Claire Briegel y Tara Chaloner realizan su microResidencia enGawa en La Industrial.

11 de Abril 2013 / 19:30 a 21:30

Bureau of Exchange

Bureau of Exchange

Bureau of Exchange

Bureau of Exchange

Bureau of Exchange

Carta recibida de Claire y Tara en Marzo de 2013:

Dear Miguel,

We are very grateful for this opportunity to share our work in a new city and context, and are looking forward to discovering the format of micro-residencies.

For the entire seven days we will spend in Madrid we will be a mixture of: tourist, artist, visitor and guest. This is, perhaps, especially relevant as we are coming from Dundee: self-identified ‘City of Discovery’. We will be staging various interventions along the way, and hope that some of them may be able to take place outside the designated and focused 2hr slot in the space. So far, this may involve a skype exchange between artists of Madrid and artists of Dundee, a busking intervention, a protest and the donation of Free Scottish Water (all of which subject to further discussion). Such interventions will be documented on our online blog and people will be welcome to join us at any point – we are keen to make connections on our way!

We realise that this ‘proposal’ so far takes liberties with the idea of a 2hr micro-residency, spilling itself out of time and place, but we can assure you that our energies will also be focused in our public drop-in event:

‘Bureau of Exchange’

The event itself will be presented as wholly public, entirely open to all and will take the form of an open ‘bureau’ where members of the public, artists, cultural workers, educators etc. will be welcome and invited to come and share thoughts on Economy and Economies. In our personal and collective investigations, we are interested in wider economies: economies of finance as well as friendship, exchange economies as well as social and affective ones, so we are open to any and all thoughts. Our own thoughts will take visual display in the space for at least the duration of the event. We hope to create a safe and transparent space where people can come and talk to us and each other, or simply reflect upon their worries, anxieties, successes or hopes surrounding this vast area that is taking up so much of everyone’s mental space and public anxiety at the moment.

Besides sharing with you our explorations and plans so far, this letter also has a hidden agenda..!

We are generally very excited about this project, but, other than Economies, we have one big question on our mind, and that is Language. We must admit to sadly not being Spanish-speakers, and therefore we are likely to come up against some communication problems. We have planned various

Claire Briegel and Tara Chaloner Dundee, Scotlandways of overcoming this in our artwork, but it is highly preferable that the event is open to all (certainly not only English speakers!) and therefore, as well as facilitating a space where people can speak amongst themselves, we would appreciate the presence of a translator. This is where our 2euro fee and your potential goodwill comes in! We would like to kindly ask you, Miguel, if you would, for the small fee of 2euros, be our translator for the duration of the 2hr Bureau of Exchange? You are under no obligation to accept this role, and we would be happy to explore alternatives.

We hope to bring ‘Discovery’ to Madrid, and take back with us to Dundee a sense of Madrid (we are curious as to whether Madrid has a self-identified, or multiple, ‘mottos’).

This letter, along with all our plans and proceedings, is intended as public, so can be disseminated as much or little as the recipient wishes. We are happy for this letter to be published on the website as a pre-emption of what is to come.

All our very best wishes,

See you soon

Claire Briegel and Tara Chaloner


Fotografía: Miguel Guzmán Pastor

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