“Lies”, by An Qi. 4 Faces microResidencies Exhibition at Four-Face Space Art Center. Luodai, Chengdu.

Friday 4th July 2014. 3-5 pm.

An Qi’s microResidency was carried out in parallel with other three microResidencies. It’s part of the Project 4 Faces microResidencies Exhibition, which took place at Four-Face Space Art Center of Luodai, Chengdu (China) from 4th to 6th July 2014.

Resulting artwork is part of an exhibition at the space quoted, that will be opened from 13th July to 26th August 2014


Proposal (text sent by artist)*:

“Materials: White crayon, black color, camera, projector.

Implementation process:

Put a huge white canvas on the ground, draw the outline of eye and eyeball with white crayon. Things drawn with crayon are unseen, what will be seen is the motion we make, then draw the outline of a naked body using black color. At this time we’ve got a horrific naked body on the canvas, then we invite audiences into the creative work, they will splash the black color to canvas, tell them there will be some marvelous transformation on the canvas previously (we hope we can create an active environment so that audiences can use their hands ,even feet to give color to the canvas, optionally.

While audiences are splashing the black color, the huge eye is turning out, and the “body” is changing to be more truly .When the work is almost completed, we will take pictures of audiences’ eyes, and projective them on the wall. The whole room will be filled with different eyes, it presents different feelings, different world.

The body on the canvas hasn’t been splashed means truth, and it means “lies” when it’s been splashed by color. “The truth” is accepted when it’s wearing “lies”. And the naked truth is horrific, there’s only one main difference between truth and lies. “Eyes are world”, when the room is been filled with eyes, we hope audiences can feel about various stories in the world, and different truths and lies.”

microresidencia#62 An Qi from espacio islandia on Vimeo.

(Pictures: Eric Yang / Miguel Guzmán)


4 Faces microResidencies Exhibition is a project organized by Espacio Islandia, Four-Face Space Art Center, teachers and students of the Fine Arts College of Sichuan University. It is supported by the Spanish Embassy in Beijing, Instituto Cervantes in Chongqing, Chengdu Longquanyi Distrit of C.P.C., Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau of Longquanyi District in Chengdu.


*Original text: