1st of January of this snowy 20201 in Madrid we uploaded our collective clip for sin boca, the first track of the album ternura y zarpazo with the song mixed and mastered:

Image: Carlos Balaguer, Lucas Nolla, María López, Marta Gabaldón, Helena Lanza, Ana Díaz-Miguel, Elvira Spring, Blanca Zamora, Gabe Ibáñez,  Jaime Valtierra, Sophia Iatrou, Victoria y Martín Guerrero, Claudia González, Pablo Esplá y Erick Miraval.

Vocals, guitars, piano, percussion by Miguel Guzmán, electric guitar and mellotron by Javier Doria, chorus by María Guzmán, keys by Alicia Tamariz y Vidal Guzmán, bass and guitar by Javier Guzmán, drums by Guillermo Guzmán.

Produced in Espacio Islandia, Madrid, 2020, by Miguel Guzmán (composer and recording), Javier Doria (mix and mastering)

y Javier Guzmán (mix)

The album ternura y zarpazo, will be released very soon.

Follow the process at IG @ternura_y_zarpazo, here 🙂

The clip, visual collage has been curated in collaboration with Sábado (Córdoba), made with a group of artists we invited to this experience who shared their unique and personal view of each musical fragment assigned hazardously to each one of them. The final result will be screened in Espacio Islandia.

Enjoy !

sin boca