The album tenderness and zarpazo has been composed and recorded at Espacio Islandia between 2020 and the end of 2021. Some songs have been made in collaboration with Red Limons and Javier Guzmán. Composition, vocals, lead guitar, arrangements: Miguel Guzmán. Collaborations: Javier Doria and Javier Guzmán (Espacio Iceland), percussions by Qmins, Nirankar Khalsa, Guillermo Guzmán, electronics by Lucas Nolla, guitars, flutes and choir by Eduardo de Guzmán, choir by María Guzmán and Violeta Pascual, violins by Paloma Silveira, Theremin by Ángela Méndez.

The production has been carried out by Emilio Maestre (Khotton Palm), collaborator of the musician and producer Carlos Ares.

The album will be released on the first months of 2022.

The collective video, a visual collage of the EP of the album –curated in collaboration with Sábado (Córdoba)– has been developed by a collective of artists invited to this experience and to which we have assigned each of the 15 fragments of the song hazardously. They have answered with a fresh and unique vision in relation to their feelings emerged with the music. The final video will be shown soon at Espacio Islandia and also via FB and IGTV.

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Thanks to: Carlos Balaguer, Lucas Nolla, María López, Marta Gabaldón, Helena Lanza, Ana Díaz-Miguel, Elvira Spring, Blanca Zamora, Gabe Ibáñez,  Jaime Valtierra, Sophia Iatrou, Victoria y Martín Guerrero, Claudia González, Pablo Esplá, Erick Miraval, Bene Martín Florez, David Díaz Martín.