Private screenings of the feature-length documentary UNA FORMA DE VIDA.

Madrid, 2020 to 2022. A group of workers who left behind loved ones, homes, coasts, mountains and jungles to throw themselves into the uncertain, give life to a vibrant market that nurtures their stories and illuminates friendships, that feeds the city by day and the dreams of its inhabitants by night. Together with other families from closer to home, they resist and protect a way of life in danger of extinction. Their dance does not succumb to silence and reveals a space for us to reconnect with our daily lives.

A feature-length documentary produced by Espacio Islandia.

Idea and direction: Miguel Guzmán

Stills: Pablo Esplá, Miguel Guzmán, Lucas Nolla

Camera: Miguel Guzmán, Víctor Benavides, Manuel del Moral

Production assistants: Claudia González, Javier Guzmán


Bird’s eye view of the Mercado de los Mostenses in February 2021, where a large part of the documentary A WAY OF LIFE takes place.


Photograph of the exterior of the Mercado de los Mostenses during the snowfall in Madrid in January 2021.


Photographs by Miguel Guzmán.