This map is the result of a workshop developed by Espacio Islandia (Miguel Guzmán + Carmen Soriano) with students from the 6th-7th from the Seydisfjördur primary school and artist/art teacher Þórunn Eymundardóttir. We asked students to show us a different and personal place in this little town in order to know it better and create a new non-tourist map.

This project is part of Espacio Islandia residence at Skaftfell Center for Visual Art (Seydisfjördur, East Iceland). August 2015.

You can find a printed version of the map at Skaftfell.

Nuevo mapa de Seydisfjördur

More about student’s choices:

1. Hanna Lára Ólafsdóttir: She chose Heima residency because she has so many friends there (artists in residence). Heima is a creative collective where all sorts of creative people live and work.

2. Ari Björn Símonarson: He chose the secret club’s clubhouse he is building with his friends because it is so much fun to build a house and be in a secret club.

3. Óli Jóhannes Gunnþórsson: He chose the remnants of an old well, the well is situated near the secret clubhouse (and he’s in the club), he and his friend Gígja (also a member of the club) made a marked path from the clubhouse up to the well last summer. He thinks the spot is beautiful.

4. Guðrún Adela S. Dánjalsdóttir: She chose the ferry terminal for the Smyril-line passenger ferry because that is where she goes through to visit her grandmother and other relatives in the Faroe Islands.

5. Hlynur Yngvi Guðmundsson: He chose an old army barrack now used as a garage. He says the choice was random and has no meaning.

6. Gunnar Einarsson: He chose the spot on the road out of town where the view opens up and one can see out to the open ocean.

7. Elfa Dögg Rúnarsdóttir: She chose a small public garden with a neglected fountain/pond. She used to go there and play with her sister all the time as a child and is very fond of the place.

8. Þórir Magni Þórhallsson: He chose the football field because he likes football.

9. Jóna Mist Márusdóttir: She chose the outdoors classroom because she really likes it and enjoys going there to study.

Let’s go for a walk!

Idea: Miguel Guzmán + Carmen Soriano

Map drawing: Miguel Guzmán

Pictures by: Carmen Soriano