Miguel Guzmán

Direction, production and curatorship.

Founder of Espacio Islandia (2011-). Creator of the Atlas of a bursted Parthenon (2010-2022); songwriter and producer of his album tenderness and claw (2022), he has played with El Intruso and Si la mano quiere. He has carried out architecture, interior design, art direction, and scenography projects. He has made the feature film The long profile (2019) and the film installation Fly on the wall (2017) at Providence College Galleries, among other multiple collaborations, exhibitions and performances. He teaches curatorship at MAca (UPM, 2015-) and architecture projects / interior design in Nebrija University.


Claudia González

Management of the Podcast Abrir un libro, collaborator in coordination, set and documentation of exhibitions.

Art historian and curator. In charge of the Jorge Alcolea Gallery and coordinator of art fairs: FIAC Paris, Salon du Connaisseur and SAM-Salon de Arte Moderno. Assistant at the University of Richmond Museums, VA and at Estudio Teresa J Cuevas. Organization of exhibitions, preparation of catalogs, assembly, communication of events and strategic and administrative management in ArtMadrid19, Feriarte18, and Almoneda19. CineZeta programmer at Cineteca, Matadero. Event coordinator and marketing support from the LetArt platform.


Javier Doria

Music production.

AR at BMG, he composes and produces music for record companies, artists and film and advertising producers from Madrid. He makes music for commercials and collaborates with artists in the composition of their songs, as well as in the production, recording and development of their artistic careers. As a musician and producer he has worked with the bands Lori Meyers, Anni B Sweet, Zoe, Maga, Niños Mutantes and Bisagra, among others. He has made soundtracks for the feature film Perfil de un río, and for commercial campaigns with McDonalds, Coca-Cola, El Corte Inglés, Rexona, Canal +, Sony, CAM, Nutella, Kinder, Scottex, Helvetia, Foster’s Hollywood, FNAC, García Madrid , EMI México, Subterfuge Records, El Pescador de Estrellas, Producciones Oxygen, BLUR Producciones, Brothers Films, and Seven Senses.


Javier Guzmán

Music production.

Architect and musician, he made soundtracks such as the feature films The long profile (Miguel Guzmán 2019), Temporal (Catxo, 2014) and UMA Project (Carlos Gomes and Fran López, 2014) and sound creations such as “La Calle – Sonido en Movimiento” or RAQS Media Collective. Founding member, bassist and technician as founder member of El Intruso.


Ivan M. Valencia

Web designer and filmmaker. Co-founder of Espacio Islandia and collaborator at recording and production (2011-2013)


Marta Gabaldón

Communications collaborator.

Degree in Business Administration and Management from the Universities of Neoma École de Commerce (Reims, France) and Pontificia Comillas (Madrid, Spain). Specialisation in digital marketing and interest in photography and post-production.



Carmen Soriano

CM cofounder and member at Sabado communication agency. Bachelor of Media and Communications and Cultural Manager Expert, she has worked managing communication, press offices and social media of different cultural and artistic projects, such as the African Film Festival of Cordoba or Scarpia (days of artistic intervention in urban and rural), among others. IG: @somossabado

Esther Gatón

Visual Artist, based in London. Co-creator of “Dibuja y Acciona” workshops in Espacio Islandia.

Angela Segovia y Claudio Gaete

Poets. Co-creators of workshops“La acción de las palabras” / Chile de palabras I, II, III y IV (2012)

Elena Martínez Benito

Manager at La Industrial (Madrid), where microResidencies and drawing workshops took place. Creates La Industrial Art department in collaboration with Miguel Guzmán.